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Our Sites Include:

  • Txt2Day.com
  • TextMemos.com
  • FreeTxt.ca
  • GiggleText.com
  • Txt2way.com
  • Send-sms-now.com
  • TextAFlirt.com
  • ThumbCare.com
FreeText.biz - Keeping Text Messages Free and Honest

FreeText.biz Owned Sites:

Txt2Day.com( www.txt2day.com ) - Txt2Day is our most popular website by far. It started as a free text messaging site, and grew enormously from there. Txt2Day grew largely in popularity after we released our Google Module, and has continued to grow with the addition of our MySpace Addon. (it's actually be copied by 2 other websites). More features are planned soon for our flagship site, so stay tuned.

TextMemos.com ( www.textmemos.com ) - TextMemos started it all for us. When Ryan kept forgetting simple things, he set it up to schedule reminders to be sent to his phone. Shortly after, he realized that others could use this service too, so he made it available for everybody else. Ken Leebow blogged about it, and it grew to a mildly popular site.

Freetxt.ca ( www.freetxt.ca ) - FreeTxt.ca is a text messaging site dedicated soley to canadian cell phone providers.

GiggleText.com ( www.giggletext.com ) - Giggletext.com is a free picture text messaging site for send/receiving pictures from our library of fun, sexy and humorous content.

Send-sms-now.com ( www.send-sms-now.com ) - Send-sms-now.com is a free international text messaging service. It has a loyal following in Europe and Asia.

Thumbcare.com ( www.thumbcare.com ) - Thumbcare was a joke site created about a fake disease called Thumbitis. You know, that red thumb feeling you get after texting too much? Don't text, type it out on thumbcare.com

TextAFlirt.com ( www.textaflirt.com ) - TextAFlirt is for those that just don't know how to send that witty text. We give you a list of fun messages to tease and flirt with your friends. Suggest more.

MensajesDeTexto.net ( www.mensajesdetexto.net ) - Mensajes is a spanish language domain name which forwards to txt2day.com. We gave it it's own domain name because, well txt2day doesn't mean anything in spanish.

thumbitis.com ( www.thumbitis.com ) - Those afflicted with thumbitis find it no laughing matter. This domain forwards directly to our thumb care site.

WebFoolish.com ( www.webfoolish.com ) - Web Foolish is our silly online foolish jokes encyclopedia. It feeds our sites with many user sponsored jokes.

SuperRiddles.com ( www.superriddles.com ) - Some of the best mind benders, clever teasers and riddles. Offer some of your own!

WapDJ.com ( www.wapdj.com ) - Upload ringtones, MP3, video or other files to your WAP enabled mobile phone