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Our Sites Include:

  • Txt2Day.com
  • TextMemos.com
  • FreeTxt.ca
  • GiggleText.com
  • Txt2way.com
  • Send-sms-now.com
  • TextAFlirt.com
  • ThumbCare.com
FreeText.biz - Keeping Text Messages Free and Honest

FreeText.biz - Keeping Text Messages Free and Honest.

Send a Free Text Message Now

FreeText.biz is the premeire online text messaging establishment. We own some of the most popular text messaging sites on the web, and pioneered some of the most innovative ideas (like text message reminders).

FreeText.biz sites rely on on-site adveritsements to pay our costs, so we'll never sell or share any of your information with anybody else. In fact, the recipient never even sees an advertisement! We value your privacy.

FreeText.biz was the first (and one of the only) text message sites with an opt out program allowing you to block your number from receiving messages from our sites - so you don't receive unwanted text messages.

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